Tom Hammer Construction is a construction management and general contracting company based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire specializing in commercial building projects on a national level.

Tom Hammer Construction provides the same high quality professional management services to national chains as well as start-ups and smaller companies who desire to maximize limited resources and budgets and remain competitive.

Competitive Edge

Tom Hammer Construction differentiates itself from the competition because of three core characteristics:

  • Construction experience:  We have twenty-five years of construction management experience.  We don’t just manage a process.  We have real hands-on construction knowledge; we know how to build.

  • People: We only hire and work with well known, trusted professionals who have been trained to work a project to meet Tom Hammer Construction standards.

  • Process: We have developed a successful project management process with proven results. We customize projects to meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients.

Market Segmentation

Tom Hammer Construction provides services to a broad range of clients:

  • National chains looking to outsource construction management

  • Small growing specialty retailers and start-ups that desire professional construction management

  • Architectural firms looking to develop strategic partnerships in order to provide a complete compliment of architectural / engineering / construction management services

  • Mall owners and real estate developers who want to offer tenants construction services as part of the lease and to support tenant coordinators with managing the construction process